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  • Do I need to make an appointment?

  • May I come without an appointment?

  • I am available only in the evening; what can I do?

  • How can I forward my request for a test?

  • Do I need a medical prescription for private tests?

  • Why do you ask for my insurance card if I am having a private test?

  • I underwent radiological examinations in the same anatomical region at another clinic, should I bring the results?

  • Should I prepare myself before the test?

  • How can I have an appointment?




  • Is the iodine injection dangerous?

  • Is the gadolinium injection dangerous?

  • I am a diabetic. How should I prepare?

  • I take anticoagulants; do I need to stop taking them before the test?

  • Is a MRI painful?

  • Is a MRI safe?

  • I am claustrophobic; what should I do?


  • Why don’t you participate in the PQDCS (French acronym for Quebec Programme for breast cancer screening)?

  • Why is the original prescription from my physician changed

  • What is a valid medical prescription?

  • Is it easy to find parking?

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