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Radiology Dix30 Clinic

RadiologyDIX30 is a brand-new clinic, with cutting-edge technology, offering diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services focused on quality. It includes a team of some fifty radiologists in all fields of expertise.

Located at the crossroads of Highways 10 and 30, in an area that has seen a population explosion, the clinic is the fruit of concerted efforts of three distinct groups of radiologists and other investors in order to increase the availability of services in the territory.

The equipment used is fully digital and of the latest generation. The technological environment combines quality and efficiency for the realisation and the archiving and distribution of tests and reports to the various participants involved.

Our presence in the vast medical complex that represents the DIX30 Clinic allows us daily interaction with a multitude of participants that share similar objectives. 


The entire team de Radiology DIX30 seeks to provide diagnostic imaging and therapeutic services of the highest quality, with professionalism, in a welcoming environment. 


Our approach is centered on the patient and all members of Radiology DIX30 ensure personalised service, respecting the individual as a whole.


  • Respect for the individual
  • Professionalism
  • Quality of examinations
  • Effectiveness 


We are proud to announce that our clinic has been accredited by Agrément Canada. For further details, please refer to the website of Agrément Canada