Dental radiology (CT & MRI)

Duration of the exam: 55 minutes
Expenses NOT covered by the RAMQ
To Expect

1. Description

The development of dental care requires increasingly specialised imaging to assist in the various possible treatments.

Your dentist, physician, or maxillofacial surgeon may require dedicated investigating by CT or magnetic resonance imaging, as appropriate, to check the condition of your jaw or your temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

Our team of radiologists is composed of a specialised reader for this type of evaluation, which is rather complex and very sharp.

These investigations are simple and painless. They almost never require a contrast injection. The CT scan takes a few minutes, while the TMJ magnetic resonance imaging can take up to 60 minutes.

In some cases, additional sequences must be acquired with occlusion bites (BITES).

2. To Expect


Upon arrival, you will need to register at reception and if it is your first visit here, open a file. You will need to bring with you a valid insurance card, as well as a medical prescription signed by your referring physician, containing your medical information (if it has not already been sent via Fax or internet) You are required to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.


Our staff will accompany you to the pertinent area. If necessary, you may need to remove some clothing and put on a jacket. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire on your medical condition. You will then lie down on the examining table. The technologist will give you all the instructions required during the test.


Between 15 and 60 minutes depending on the type of test given.

3. Appointment

This test is performed by appointment only. Please contact us fax : 450-904-0405, or by mail : We will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.

4. Preparation

No special preparation is required for these studies.

5. Costs

Please refer to our price list for further details.

6. Results

The test is usually interpreted within 24 hours following the procedure and the results are sent to your physician, dentist or maxillofacial surgeon within 2 to 5 days.

A member of our team will contact you
to book an appointment.