Digestive fluoroscopy (swallowing and esophagus), arthrography and facet block

Duration of the exam: 30 minutes
Expenses covered by the RAMQ
To Expect

1. Description

To use the analogy already used in general radiology, comparing radiology to the camera, fluoroscopy is the video component (dynamic) of a very similar technology. This is comparable to the technology of a camera.
In effect, a radiation source also is used and directed toward the patient. In this case, one also stains the internal components to be studied with the help of a radiopaque material. It will absorb more radiation and provide an image in single or double contrast (if air is also added), to study better the structures to be analysed.
There is thus a dynamic concept in all of these studies, which is not found in general radiology. Because of this, the radiologist must be present during these procedures, because the final diagnosis will be based on the static images obtained and on the dynamic aspect observed during the examination.

2. To Expect


Upon arrival, you will need to register at reception and if it is your first visit here, open a file. You will need to bring with you a valid insurance card, as well as a medical prescription signed by your treating physician, containing your medical information (if it has not already been sent via Fax or internet). You are required to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.


Our staff will accompany you to the relevant area. If necessary, you will be asked to undress the area to be treated and put on a gown. You will then be called into the examination room, where the technician will position you and, ultimately, the radiologist will perform the required technique.


Depending on the area x-rayed, the process may take from 5 to 30 minutes. Please allow at least an hour for the entire evaluation. Return to normal activities will depend on your tolerance to the test performed.

3. Appointment

This test is performed by appointment only. Please contact us fax : 450-904-0405, or by mail : info@radiologiedix30.com. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.

4. Preparation

For swallowing and oesophagus, you must fast from 10 p.m. the day before the examination. You must also refrain from smoking from 10 p.m. onwards.
For arthrography and facet block, no preparation is required.

5. Costs

All these tests are covered by the RAMQ. No additional fee is to be paid.

6. Results

Tests are generally interpreted on the same day and your physician will receive the results within 2 to 5 days. On request, a preliminary or priority handwritten report may be sent to the requesting physician.

A member of our team will contact you
to book an appointment.